My top 3 campaigns s/s 2011

1. Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld always hits the nail on its head with Chanel’s collections and bring us classical beauty at it’s best. It is not wrong that it’s one of my absolute favorite models that is their face this season either, Freja Beha Erichsen. The way the dress is blending into the tree is also stunning. An absolute favorite this season!

2. Balenciaga

I did not expect to see Gisele Bündchen in this campaign, but I was pleasantly surprised. We usually see her as the sexy bombshell she is, but she pulls of this a little geeky look perfectly. Love it!

3. Marc Jacobs

Some might say that it’s time for Marc Jacobs to switch out his campaign photographer, I say that it’s NOT. Juergen Teller has made this style of photography into a trademark for Marc Jacobs and I think it’s fantastic. Juergen never goes wrong and the models, colors and outfits in this campaign are all smashing in my opinion.


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