Fashion Utopia

I posted a “behind the scenes” film from the shoot of this spread for Vogue Spain a while back and just could not help to post the shots too. The styling in this spread is an absolute style utopia to me. This is how I wanna look every day. Cool and relaxed with a hint of glamour and rock’n roll. As I told you, I got to try on all these outfits, since I did the fitting for the shoot. I was in fashion heaven. Toni Garrn and Iselin Steiro both look gorgeous as always and knows how to rock the absolute coolness.


2 responses to “Fashion Utopia

  1. Så flott at du har startet å blogge. Du er så sinnsykt vakker og dyktig:) Gleder meg til å følge deg videre.

    Og lykke til med modellkarrieren! Dette klarer du=)

  2. Tusen takk for de flotte ordene 🙂 Hyggelg at du vil følge med 🙂

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