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An afternoon in NYC


My view tonight.


I have a new bag,

and I adore it.

Best film and actress for “The Day”

I’m sure you guys remember i posted this short film I did here in NYC a little while back. The competition is called “Filmracing” and you are supposed to create a short film in 24 hours. Well, the results for the different cities that participated are up. I could not believe it when I heard it. Our film, “The Day”, won Best Film, Direction, Make-up and Cinematography for the NYC submission. Last, but not least, we got Best Actress. I could not be more proud! Now we are moving on to compete on the national level and it is very exciting. Thanks to everybody that participated in the project, it was a joy! I will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

A Mooney Experience

I was so lucky that I got to co-pilot a Mooney aircraft the other day. Was my first time ever in a private plane and I loved it. It was a joy flying over the Texas hill country and I would do it again any day, even if the flight was quite bumpy. Do not have a license yet, but I am certainly considering it now. Quite a freedom feeling!

The Yankee Clipper

Stopped by the most charming place today. It is called The Yankee Clipper and is a old fashioned barber salon. Yes, we are still in Texas and it might seem strange that anybody would be referring to themselves as a yankee here, but this guy was apparently from Wisconsin and just had to make it really clear, hence the name of the salon. Notice the 25 cent haircut. The price today is 7 dollars, pretty good in my opinion.

Texas, Baby.

I’m so sorry I have not been able to post very much the last couple of days. I am actually in San Antonio, Texas at the moment. It is gorgeous and way to hot. I will get back strong and a little more tan very soon, so stay tuned.